Wagan Tech 7551 JumpBoost V6 Jump Starter

  • $86.75

• For up to 6-cylinder engines;• Combo jump starter, power supply, and work light;• Peak: 600 amps;• Starting: 200 amps;• 150 lumen LED work light;• 12-volt sealed-lead acid battery;• 24 in., 5 gauge jumper cables;• 2 USB power ports (2.1 amps shared) ;• 12-volt DC accessory socket, 11 amp circuit breaker;• Internal battery charging port;• 4-stage battery indicator with battery status button;• Approximate battery run times: 4.7 hours for 15 watt tool charger, 3.3 hours for 20 watt cell phone charger, 2 hours for 30 watt digital camera, .6 hours for 70 watt 13 in. color TV, .4 hours for 90 watt laptop, and .3 hours for 100 watt work light;• Rear storage compartment for power adapters;• Includes AC and DC charging adapters;• Safety Red;

Length: 11.90"
Width: 10.20"
Height: 6.30"

Note: Product cannot ship air;

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